Act! Premium Hosted

Act! Hosting Providers eliminate the burden of deploying and administering Act! on your network by your staff. Reduce your hardware and IT costs because your Act! solution is being maintained and backed up at a secure off-site location.

Video Libraries

Subscription courses are self-service, virtual warehouses of Anytime Learning videos. We add new videos to the subscriptions regularly, and if you cannot find what you're looking for, simply request it through the Subscription course window.

Act! Premium Hosted Library

This course is designed exclusively for Act! Premium Hosted customers, and is included with your Act! Hosted subscription. The Act! Premium Hosted Library is very much the same as the Essentials Library for non-Hosted customers; it’s designed to teach you all the same topics, except the content has been tailored to fit the hosted environment.
Price: $ 0.00 | Duration: 5 hours | Learning Objectives | Register
Audiences: Customer | Format: Anytime Learning | Platforms: Premium Hosted | Role: End User | Series: Video Libraries